Flight Path at Bama Wesley

Bama Wesley is a place for all people to discover their God-given identity while fulfilling their God-ordained purpose.

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What is Flight Path?

At Bama Wesley, Flight Path is how we help you become fully involved in the life of Wesley (and get to know you better in the process!). Over three weeks, you’ll learn about who we are, what we believe, and how you are called to serve.

The Flight Path Sessions

Flight Path includes three sessions. These sessions must be completed in order, but do not have to be completed immediately following each other (so, if you complete Rise in September but can’t make it to Ignite, you can complete Ignite in October). All sessions are at 6:30pm on Sundays. Once per semester, we generally also offer all three sessions in a single day or weekend retreat format on a day other than Sunday if you cannot make the normal time. The three sessions are:

Rise: In Rise, you’ll learn the basics of what we believe at Bama Wesley as Christians and as United Methodists.

Ignite: Ignite builds on what you learn in Rise. We’ll discuss the importance of community at Bama Wesley, how Jesus teaches us to pray, and how to read the Bible (there’s more to it than you might think!).

Soar: Finally, in Soar, you’ll learn more about yourself and how you may be called to serve at Bama Wesley and beyond. Prior to completing Soar, you’ll need to complete the Flight Path Inventory available by clicking here.

Next Steps

Once you’ve completed Flight Path, here are your next steps (don’t worry, we’ll remind you about these during Soar):

  • Join an Ember Group: Ember Groups are your opportunity to go deeper in discipleship as you meet with up to 12 other students and ask the question “how is it with your soul?” from 6:30 to 8pm on Sunday evenings (the same time as Flight Path). Ember Groups are open to any student who is in at least their second year on campus and has completed all three Flight Path sessions. After you’ve completed a semester as part of an Ember Group, you’ll be able to lead a Spark Group on Wednesday evenings (and, in the meantime, we hope you’ll continue participating in Spark Groups yourself). To sign up for an Ember Group, click here.
  • Find a place to serve: During Flight Path, we discuss how you are uniquely created to fulfill a God-ordained purpose, and at Wesley, we believe that part of fulfilling that purpose involves serving the church. We have opportunities to serve in all of our ministry areas (worship, fellowship, discipleship, outreach, administration, and communications) – no experience required. To sign up for a place to serve, click here and one of our staff will be in touch soon.